Mast Photography

Aerial shots without a drone

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Mast Photography – aerial imagery without a drone

There are many restrictions that could prevent any drone photography works happening due to Australian drone laws. The main restriction would be a shoot inside the 5.5km no fly zones boundary of airports, others restrictions to consider would be within 30m of public, roads & neighboring buildings or flying too early which could lead to noise complaints.

With these restrictions we can still achieve aerial shots using the photography mast

The photo mast reaches heights between 2m up to 15m, allowing views from a potential 5 story building balcony.
Mainly used for real estate within airport boundaries and for view line assessment for new developments up to 5 stories, the photo mast is also a great choice if you want the best resolution imagery.

The photo mast has the ability to hold heavy camera and lens systems pictured here with a Sony 42mp camera, with a motorised 360 rotating head the photo mast is perfect for 360 degree panoramas.