Aerial Photography & Mapping

Working along side architects, developers, home owners and interior designers we produce stunning high end aerial photographic and aerial mapped images for the architectural and building development community.

We maintain constant communication with you throughout the project. we pride ourselves on fast turnarounds and on-budget delivery of first-class Aerial Photography and will be happy to discuss options that suit you and help find a solution that meets your budget and time frame.


Skyris are 100% CASA licensed and being licensed allows us to be fully insured (something you should be aware of when picking a drone operator), this is to protect you and your clients investments.

Skyris Specialise in:

  • Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Cinematic Video
  • Aerial Mapping & Surveying
  • CG / 3d visualisation Backplate Photography
  • Viewline Level Assessment – for proposed balcony views
  • Spherical and Panoramic Aerial Photography
  • Helicopter Aerial Photography
Aerial Spherical Panorama

The right equipment for the right job

Our current fleet and equipment:

  • DJI S1000 – our heavy lift octa drone with Gremsy t3 v3 Gimbal – lifting Sony a7r4 with unlimited lens options
  • Dji Inspire 2 – our large drone with X7 gimbal, lens options (full frame equiv): 24mm, 36mm & 52mm
  • Dji Mavic 2 pro – our smaller agile drone with 28mm Hasselblad camera

Please view our slideshow to get an idea of what we produce to help market your ideas.

Aerial Mapping

Skyris also offer aerial mapping service. We create super detailed maps, 3d models and height maps by taking a series of shots and then stitching together in specialist software, we can then produce a super high resolution aerial map of your site/development.

Ideal for monthly project reposts and updates.